Drake Daps Up Paul Pierce After Another Toronto Raptors Playoffs Loss

Originally posted on bleacher report

Being Drake means making tough choices.

White or gold owls? Running or jogging with woes? Toronto or Houston? Or Miami? Are three towns feasible?

It’s a tough life, and it’s made all the more complicated by the extensive web of friendships the rapper has developed with celebrities across all sports, entertainment and beyond.

With this in mind, Drake faced another uniquely Drizzy-ian quandary Tuesday night when he watched the Washington Wizards down his Toronto Raptors for the second time in their first-round Eastern Conference playoffs series.

On one hand, Drake is a Toronto native and the Raptors’ official global ambassador (whatever that is). On the other, he’s cultivated a playful, mock-contentiousrelationship with Wizards veteran Paul Pierce, who is partially responsible for the two-game hole in which Toronto now finds itself.

So while his hometown has spent the last week dogging Pierce, Drake decided to take the high road and congratulate his buddy after a game well won.

A photo emerged recently of Drake slapping hands with a cheesing Pierce after Tuesday night’s game. Glean what you will from it: