Lil Wayne – Gone Till November Book Giveaway and Review

Recently picked up Lil Wayne’s book title Gone Till November. It’s not so much of a book as it is Weezy’s personal journal while he spent his time at Rikers Island in 2010. He speaks about his daily routine and shares a number of personal stories including one where he finds out that Drake slept with his girlfriend, Tammy Torres. Check out my video below to hear my personal review of it and enter the contest for your chance to win a copy of the book. All you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave your Twitter or Instagram handle in the comment section so I can contact the winner.

Drake’s Virginia Black Whiskey Reviewed and Compared To Jack Daniels

Drake’s Virginia Black Whiskey has finally hit the shelves and in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta, I was able to get me a bottle of Virginia Black at my local Liquor Depot. If you want to hear my review of Virginia Black Whiskey then watch my video below. I also make sure to compare Drake’s liquor to the most famous American Whiskey there is, Jack Daniels.

Drake and Kid Cudi Beef – Complet History – Why It All Started

If you’re wondering why Drake and Kid Cudi are beefing, this video will explain it. The Drake and Kid Cudi beef began when Cudder sat down for an interview with Billboard magazine. They asked him about a recent tweet he sent out which said, “Some of you are so easily amused and impressed by mediocrity”. Apparently, a lot of people thought he was speaking about Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive because it had just released. In response to that he said he was appalled people would think he’d even listen to that. Then over a year later, Kid Cudi decided to diss Drake on Twitter. This finally cause Drake to respond on the song 2 Birds 1 Stone. The only issue was Kid Cudi had just checked himself into rehab so a number of people thought that Drake’s diss was in poor taste, dissing a man while he’s down. Watch the complete video to get all the details.