Official Trailer For Views From The 6

Yesterday on OVO radio Drake finally announced the release date for Views From The 6, which is April 29. He also announced that the album will be available exclusively on Apple Music. Check out the official trailer for the album directly from Drizzy below.

Views From The 6 Will Be Exclusively Available on Apple Music

Well it seems as though Drake is following in the foot steps of Kanye West and will be releasing his album exclusively through the streaming company which he has shares in. Kanye reportedly doubled the number of Tidal sign-ups by releasing his album exclusively through Tidal although the album also saw a huge number of illegal downloads. Views From The 6 will likely see the same thing happen although Apple Music is much more popular streaming service than Tidal so it likely won’t be as big of an inconvenience for fans. Will you get Apple Music just for VFT6 or will you try to find a download elsewhere?


Views From The 6 Album Artwork

40 and Drake on Views From The 6

Noah ’40’ Shebib Speaks On Drake’s “Views From The 6”

Noah ’40’ Shebib recently sat down with the New York Times to speak on his relationship with Drake and their upcoming project, Views From The 6.

Shebib said to the reporter “I just make 50 ideas in one day, as soon as one of those ideas gets his attention, we start heading that way.”

40 says that VFT6 will have more of a rapping Drake and less of singing one stating that “After ‘Nothing Was the Same,’ Drake was like, ‘I want to do a rap project,’

He continues to say Views will not disappoint “It’s going to be what everybody expects and wants from Drake and from us. A lot of introspection, very vivid. He’s discovering new flows, new cadences, new patterns.”

As for the music, “I’m trying to find ways to pull more untraditional sounds in, to push the boundaries a little further.”. Whatever will come of Views From The 6, 40 says “Something about it should be special.”

Views From The 6 will be dropping sometime in April. What are you hoping to expect on the album?