MO-G burns OVO Clothing in new video for “Wiggins”

MO-G, the rapper who claimed Drake stole his style and took some of his bars released a new video in which he burns an OVO hoodie and a couple OVO Jordans. Considering the resale value of those shoes that might not have been the best use of them, although the stunt is drawing quite a bit of attention to his music video.  Surprisingly the like / dislike bar is filled with more likes than dislikes. Is this guy even worth Drake responding too? Listen to the track below

Taylor Swift Rapping Drake’s Verse From Jumpan While Falling on Treadmill

First it was Jonah Hill, and now it’s Taylor Swift. In this latest promo video for apple music you find Taylor Swift hilariously rapping Drake’s verse from his and Future’s song Jumpan. She seems to get a bit too distracted by the music tho and seemingly falls flat on her face. Watch for yourself below.

Babeo Baggins Featuring Drake – Things I Forgot To Do (CDQ) – These Days Full Version

A Drake song titled “These Days” leaked recently and although it was unclear where it came from, we have now found the source. Upcoming artists Babeo Baggins released the full track titled “Things I Forgot To Do” which has a big feature from Drake who you hear throughout the majority of the track.

Drake’s First Single Off Views From The Six – Summer Sixteen





Drake just released his first single off Views From The 6 titled “Summer Sixteen”. You can purchase the song through apple music here or listen to the song below!

Check out the official artwork above! The lyrics sound like he might be addressing his beef with Meek Mill, check out the official lyrics here.

Drake and Future Joint Album OFFICCIALY CONFIRMED – Drops Sunday on Itunes

Well the internet may have fooled us with the but now we’ve got a real confirmation from Drake and Future himself. This just announced on Instagram Drake posted a picture of what appears to be the album cover and says the joint album will be for sale on Itunes at 8PM EST Sunday. The caption of both Drake and Future’s picture was “What a time to be alive” possibly indicating the title of the project? Will this be the album of the year? One can only imagine the amount of bangers that will be included on this album.

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE available at 8pm EST, Sunday on ITunes @future @applemusic

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OVO FREEBANDZ RADIO SUNDAY @ 6PM EST @applemusic @future @metroboomin @escomoecity A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on


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More Hints The Drake and Future Mixtape Is Dropping

Yesterday came the Instagram post from Drake with the caption FBGOVO and then came light that a website had started a countdown to the release of the mixtape and although some have said the site is fake, it looks pretty legit and Future and Drake keep hinting at the release of the tape.

Earlier today Drake Instagramed this picture of him and Future together, only to be reposted by Future right after. Then Future posted another picture of him and Drake, this time with the duo working in the studio. Either Drake and Future are trolling their fans hard or this project is dropping within the next couple days.


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A photo posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on


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Put It All In A Plastic Bag

Put It All In A Plastic Bag

Earlier today Drake instagrammed a picture with the caption being FBGOVO, only increasing what everyone was already hoping that Drake and Future would be dropping a new mixtape together. Now a new website has surfaced that seems to be counting down the minutes till the release of the mixtape. The website is called Put It All In A Plastic Bag or and although it sounds like a sketchy porn site I can assure you it’s not. View the landing page here.

If the website is telling the truth, the mixtape will be dropping this Friday (September 18th) at 11:00PM eastern.

The site looks pretty official, I think their’s too many hints suggesting the mixtape is dropping for it not to happen. Will this be the mixtape of the year? The decade? The century? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Put It All In A Plastic Bag

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